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In a changing world, training plays a strategic role for chiptuners, who constantly need to increase and update their ability as to ensure a high level of competitiveness and development of their business.
That's why we have developed a complete, modular training program, offering basic information for the aspiring chiptuners as well as more advanced knowledge for professional car tuners.
Through an efficient combination of mechanics, electronics and automotive information technology, our courses will give you all the know-how needed to map an engine immediately and optimally. The training will be taught by our highly qualified and constantly updated staff, in order to guarantee you the best possible support and clarify any doubts.
A certificate of participation will be provided for each course, to certify your new level of knowledge and increase the confidence of your customers.
What are you waiting for? Browse the list of the courses available, choose the right one for you and book now!

Alientech Training


Courses by our Partners

As well as the offer of the Alientech training courses, there’s now the opportunity to follow our specializing courses in many places in Europe and in the rest of the World, organized by official Alientech partners.

One or more day focussed on the products, new software applications, more detailed knowledge and many developments including practical tests.

Partners Training